A Final Farewell

This really will be the final farewell ever here on Our Sex Secrets.  The domain expires at the beginning of February and I have no intentions of renewing the domain this time around.  It has been an amazing 4 years of a blog, of which the majority of the last 12 months the blog has remained dormant.

If you would like to take over the blog and domain, please hit me up on email (justcaged86@gmail.com) and we can arrange a domain transfer.

So farewell, follow me over on my new blog just caged.

CB6000 Review


I have been wearing the CB6000 chastity cage for a few weeks now, and thought I would give some form of review from wearing it, especially before my new cage arrives in the mail this week.


It should be obvious, but some may not see this.  The male body is not designed to have a plastic cage locked onto his cock and balls.  It is possible to hurt yourself while wearing a plastic cage on your cock.  The best advice I can give you is to listen to your body, if you start feeling pain, I would advise that you take it off.  Take your time working up wearing the CB6000 long term.


As there are a number of parts to the CB6000 chastity cage, each part can offer some level of discomfort.

The first and most important part of comfort for a device like the CB6000 is the back ring that sits behind the balls.  Luckily the CB6000 comes with a variety of back ring sizes.  The largest has a diameter of 50mm and the smallest is about 39mm.  Most people recommend that a beginner to chastity starts with the largest ring.  The design of the CB6000 back rings allow the back ring to be put on without being a full ring, and for the first few weeks I put on the back ring without the full ring, however more recently I have been putting on the ring as if it is a solid ring.

The cage itself is feels fine, I personally find that it is too narrow and when putting it on I find that it pushes the skin out as I try to secure the device to the ring.  People have mentioned using the “sock” method but I find it doesn’t work on a regular basis.  Apart from being difficult to get into the cage remains relatively comfortable, however I have generally only worn it through the winter months here in winter.  Summer may be a different story.  Time will tell.


Due to the closed nature of the CB6000, I found that I had to clean it at least once a day.  Also being closed means that urinating leaves the cage dirty, and being a “clean freak” I can’t stand a dirty chastity cage, especially for more than a few hours. I’m looking forward to a more open and cleaner chastity cage when it arrives in a few days.


The CB6000 comes with a number of rings in varying sizes, as well as spacers of various lengths to keep the cage secure.  For all the combinations I tried the cage felt comfortable, however with the larger spacer I found that in certain positions I could pop my testicles out without too much trouble. I did find that the shorter spacer made the device more secure and it was actually painful to pop a testicle out.  It is still possible to remove the device but my pain threshold meant if I felt pain I could usually prevent getting out of the device.


Overall the CB6000 is a decent first timers chastity device to allow sizing of a chastity device for your anatomy before upgrading to a far more expensive custom metal chastity cage from the likes of Mature Metal or SteelWorkxx.

My Sex Secret

As part of my second comeback I am going to reveal just a new secret that I have explored since I took some time away from the blog. My new sex secret involves my cock being locked up in a chastity cage.

I purchased a Sax6000 chastity cage a few months ago, and have been exploring it’s use over the last few months. It took a few weeks to find the right fit in terms of base ring and then the space between the ring and the actual cage.  However I have stuck with the size I currently have for a number of months and it fits like a charm.

I haven’t had any major problems with the device apart from the nocturnal erections that all chastity cage wearers suffer. I sometimes feel that the diameter of the cage is too small when I do get aroused, but the idea of the chastity cage is to restrict and control erections. I find it difficult to get my cock inside the cage part, but have found that using moisturising cream assists to a degree but I think the bigger problem is that I am using the 6000 cage rather than the 6000S cage which is shorter.

If I had the 6000S cage I wonder if things would be easier, plus cleaner.  I don’t fill the cage fully and it makes wearing the cage to the bathroom a tad difficult. I wonder if a shorter cage would make using the bathroom easier.

I placed an order for a metal cage the other week.  I am just waiting for it to be delivered and then I will give it a run and test it out. I’m hoping the more open nature of the metal cage will make keeping the cage cleaner easier than the almost fully enclosed Sax6000.

I’m working on a review of the Sax6000 cage at the moment and will fill in a few more of the details.

A Second Comeback

It has been a very long time since I last wrote here on the blog.  I’ve been tossing up what I should do with the blog, but no one has been interested enough to want to take it off my hands and continue on with it, no has anyone been interested in assisting with writing articles for the blog in the form of guest posts.

As for what to do with the blog now.  I am learning to become a chaste man, locked up in a chastity cage to stop myself wanking as much as I have done in the past in order to keep myself for my gorgeous wife so that she knows that I am hers and for her alone.  I will write about some of my chastity ordeals in the near future.

Since I haven’t written here on the blog for a while, we haven’t received any new adult toys to review. So generating some new content for the blog might take some time, maybe we will look into writing some new reviews for the toys we have received in the past to give a long term review with months & months of using the toys.

My past few attempts at writing some erotica got thrown back at my face.  I never seem to be able to write something that people are interested in reading, and I never get constructive feedback about my writing, how it could be better or what sort of details I missed that would make it better.  The only feedback I get come in the form of, “you’re writing is shit!”, “get off the internet and take your writing elsewhere”, or “you just wasted 10 minutes of my life, go learn to write”.  All this non-constructive criticism is one of the main reasons I’ve taken time away from the blog.  Almost continuous negative feedback is not good for the mind and taking the time of has been very good.

I’ll give it another go, but if the criticism becomes too much again, I’m out of here.  Delete the blog, delete twitter, delete the domain.


Posh Silicone Performance Kit

Calexotics kindly provided the Posh Silicone Performance Kit for us to review, and I am looking to share my thoughts with you in a way that words just don’t quite express.


Silicone is considered to be hypoallergenic and phthalate free. Silicone is considered one of the safest sex toy materials, however it still retains smells after use. So don’t expect a smell free toy after use, especially without a condom.


As with all silicone toys, it is advisable to avoid using silicone based lubricants. I personally recommend Astroglide lubricants as they are not only safe for use with the Performance Kit, but are also high quality themselves.


The three different sized cock rings make this toy suitable for most couples without having to try finding a cock ring to suit the male of the relationship. Being an average sized male I found the middle sized ring to be the best size for me. I am yet to try out, but I’m wondering if the largest ring would fit over my cock and balls and sit right at the base of my cock. Will have to try that out soon.

The butt plug is solid enough to feel it within my ass, but also soft enough to not be uncomfortable and press on areas that have been prodded by other more solid toys. The large base actually sits on my bum cheeks rather then deep in my butt crack. The length between the base and the narrowest portion of the butt plug is just enough to allow me to sit down, but walking around leads to some movement of the plug out of my ass. If I had a less plump ass, maybe it would stay inside me while walking around.


The Posh Silicone Performance Kit didn’t really enhance my performance above anything I regularly experience with other cock rings and butt plugs. Being a supple butt plug, yet solid enough to allow easy insertion makes this a toy almost perfect. The only flaw with the toy is the large round base which I would prefer to be more ‘T’ shaped to sit between my bum cheeks.

The cock rings feel good, and I would consider the Posh Silicone Performance Kit an above average toy, but definitely not perfect.